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Political Campaing of the USA

An American citizen cannot be elected to Congress or the White House without a multi-million dollar election campaign. Such a person is forced to borrow money from businessmen so that he can pay political dividends to sponsors within the whole period of a political career. Presidential candidates are generally forbidden to take money directly from corporations. However, there are many legitimate mechanisms for processing these investments. For example, a company gives money to a candidate in the form of private donations from their employees (by law, every US citizen can […]

5 Major Issues Facing The United States

Economy state The Chinese economy is increasing in an unbridled manner. However, the size of the economy state places no major role in the development of the country. The quality is only matters. According to the World Bank statistics, the United States gross domestic product in 2013 reached $53 042; China indicator is equal only to $6 807. In other words, Chinese consumers get little profit from the impressive economic growth. America allows its customers to improve the living conditions due to the quality growth of the economic state. And […]