5 Major Issues Facing The United States

Economy state

The Chinese economy is increasing in an unbridled manner. However, the size of the economy state places no major role in the development of the country. The quality is only matters. According to the World Bank statistics, the United States gross domestic product in 2013 reached $53 042; China indicator is equal only to $6 807. In other words, Chinese consumers get little profit from the impressive economic growth. America allows its customers to improve the living conditions due to the quality growth of the economic state.

And now the American economy supports the status of being the global financial system leader. More than 80% of all transactions are made in the US Dollar. As long as the world continues to rely on the US currency and to economic stability, the US economy will maintain its leading position.america

Military force

No one can challenge America’s military superiority. The United States counts for 37% of all global military expenses. This country spends funds on defense 4 times more in comparison with China, which takes the second place in this sphere. The United States dominates overland, afloat, in-flight, and spaceward. As a result of America‚Äôs failures in the Middle East, the US military lost its leading positions, but the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan indicate the altering nature of military development than the decline of American military superiority.

Terrorists and bush-fighters’ groups create problems for conventional armed forces due to the peculiar features of their formations. Ultimately, the United States must learn to conduct not great military operations in order to achieve the best results in warfare.

Political power

Political authority is realized in many directions. The provision of foreign assistance is an efficient way to improve its political influence on an international arena. 2013 saw the United States spending $32.7 billion on financial assistance. The second place was taken by the United Kingdom with spendings in $19 billion. It turns out that financial assistance can provide acute political collaboration with countries being in difficult financial situations.

One should gain stability nationwide in order to reach political authority abroad. The United States has the oldest existing constitution worldwide and also has strong governments and worked judicial system. The stability of this country is confirmed by the following aspect: 45 million people living in the United States were born not in America but in another country. This is 4 times more than in the country taking the second place.

Innovation activities

If we compare technical corporations we will understand that 8 largest international companies out 9 are located in the United States. Considering the increasing significance of the technology sphere, it plays a major role. For almost 10 years, America has had problems with energy dependence. Today the United States of America takes the first place in the world in oil and natural gas production. First of all, it has been achieved due to hydraulic fracturing technology development.

The research universities and scientific organizations in the United States of America consider being the best in the world. It allows the nation to transfer the most genuine graduates to exactly their skills are required. America spends money to keep its comparative advantage spending 30% of gross domestic product for research and investigation activities.

Culture, lifestyle

2012 was indicated as profitable for pet clothing. Americans spent $370 million for their pets. 2011 saw the opening of Fury 325 in North Carolina. It is considered the highest roller coaster in the world. Such an award was given to Fury 325 until 2016, when another such giant was planned for opening in Orlando, Florida. Americans spend also many funds for charity organizations. Americans go on to improving the quality of life that is not habitual in other worldwide even developed countries.

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